We strive to produce food that encompasses dignity for our animals, stimulates local economy, provides optimal nutrition for our customers and restores the ecological capital within our soils.

Our priorities here on the farm begin with the soil and the nutrients that develop within our land and ultimately passed on to those who eat our food. From our perspective, this is a grass farm that converts grasses into meat, milk and eggs.

While many people refer to our farm as a sustainable farm, we feel it is simply not enough to sustain. We are committed to a restorative approach to farming our land and animals in an effort to increase the quality of our soils.

We recommend you visit our F.A.Q. for more information surrounding our philosophy and practices here on the farm.


Core Farm Values

Build and maintain healthy soils
Humanely raised animals
Building local community
Nutrient dense and delicious food
A holistic approach to farming
Heritage Breeds
Recipes and Resources

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epicurious is an amazing database, full of recipes, reviews and creative cooking techniques.
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