The Applecheek Name

When John and Judy were young, in their 20’s, John worked on a farm in Beverly, Massachusetts. The name of this farm was Hood’s Cherry Hill Farm. It was a show farm that the Hoods Company owned. Hoods is a company which sells dairy products; such as, ice cream, milk and cottage cheese. John was the Herdsman on this farm, when the Hoods Company decided to sell it.

John, and a friend of his, Bob, decided that they wanted to buy some of the young cows (heifers), so they could start farming on their own. So, they decided to bid on these heifers at the auction where the Hoods Company sold their livestock. They got the man in the ring to help them with the bidding, as they had never done this before.

As this was a very well-known farm in this area, the newspapers, such as the Boston Globe and Boston Reporter, carried front page articles on the sale. These newspapers chose to highlight Bob and John bidding at the auction and put this caption under their picture: “Applecheek Youngsters Bid At Hoods Cherry Hill Farm Auction”.

John and Bob liked the word “Applecheek”, but they really didn’t know what it meant. So, they went home and looked up the word in the dictionary. They found that “applecheek” means “young, youthful, rosy cheeked”.

So, when John and Judy bought their farm they liked this word so well that they named it “Applecheek Farm”. And, when Bob, and his wife, Marjie, bought their farm, they named it “Applecheek Way”.

That is how the Clark’s farm got its name, “Applecheek Farm”.