” I was at the farm on Friday last week…I bought eggs, milk and ground beef and tenderloin.  If I can sum up your product in one word… AMAZING! I could hardly wait until Saturday morning to have the eggs..delicious, and later a glass of real milk with homemade brownies.  My husband loved the milk, he is a huge milk drinker, it will be hard for him to go back.  We got home to Gloucester, MA Sunday and had the tenderloin for Sunday dinner, I pan roasted it with a Marsala reduction and served it along side wild rice.  Tender and flavorful only begins to describe this beef.   I want to thank you guys for taking the time and doing it right.  It is really important what you are doing, and I can imagine that it is not easy, but your efforts are VERY appreciated and sorely needed in our world today.

On my visit you mentioned that you maybe in the Boston area doing a share type program at some point, please let me know if and when that happens, I will be a loyal customer.  The farm will be my first stop on my next trip to VT!”

~ Caroline Minneci

Gloucester, MA

James”Our family came to discover Applecheek Farm at a local farmers’ market where Rocio talked to us about the farm and invited us to stop by anytime and see it for ourselves.  The availability of local, fresh food was a big reason we re-located to Vermont.

This was exactly what was missing when buying food, living in Chicago the past several years, getting to see where our food comes from. What we appreciate most about Applecheek Farm is how it is unconditionally open to the community.

Rocio and John have always taken time from their very busy life to help us with getting fresh milk, eggs, meat, and numerous other local foods they provide at their in-farm store.”

~ The Riviello Family

“Thank you for the Meat CSA. It was great.  We have been eating it this past week and will finish it for dinner tonight. I can’t explain how nice it is to feed our family food that is wholesome and healthy.  Knowing you both and your beautiful farm make it even more special.  We feel so fortunate to be able to make this choice and that you are willing to provide it. Look forward to the next box.”

~ Amy Walker

“The beef tenderloin steak was the best flavored and most tender meat I’ve ever eaten. We also loved the chuck roast. You can quote me. I’m a big fan of all your products and hope with the CSA, you’ll be able to preserve your family farm  You  are in our thoughts daily for you provide us with a healthy alternative. My relatives were farmers in Canada. You have our support always”

~ Helen Martin

“Your chicken pot pies are  amazing, and so are your beef sausages, and your meat. Thank you so much for doing  this meat CSA, it feels so good to know that the animals were raised humanely and their meats are so tasty and healthy, looking forward for  the next share.”

~ Sue Johnson

“ We  just have to tell you that the Guinea fowl, honestly was one of the tastiest things we ever eaten. It was absolutely  fantastic! We have been telling everyone how much we totally enjoyed it. You guys work so hard to make these foods as goos as they are. We cannot wait to try the ducks, and the chickens are always amazing. Thank you!

~ Bob Verrico